• Grant Center

  • The Space Coast Health Foundation will fund strategic initiatives chosen through a thorough community research process to determine the unmet health and wellness needs of the Brevard County, Florida community.

    Venture Grant Guidelines

    1. A community needs assessment including quantitative and qualitative research will be conducted to determine community health needs. A formal assessment will be conducted at a minimum of every three years.
    2. From the research, the Space Coast Health Foundation Board determines the area(s) of need to be focused on for the next funding cycle. The funding cycle begins with the fiscal year, but multi-year programs may be funded.
    3. Not-for-profit agencies that have an interest or specialize in the area(s) of need are invited to join a project committee and develop a project plan.
      1. All agencies can be part of the project committee and do not have to invited.
      2. Additional members may be added if other potential agencies are identified in the initial meeting.
      3. The purpose of the committee will be to discuss the area of need to be funded and potential program options.
      4. Program options and solutions will be generated through the project committee.
    4. Through subsequent meetings, a project plan will be established through research of best practices and solutions for the area(s) of need. During program development, the following will be established:
      1. Type of program/solution
      2. Audience being served
      3. Partnerships and responsibilities
      4. Training component
      5. Duration of program and funding
      6. Program budget
      7. Result metrics
      8. Update and report deadlines
    5. Upon completion of the program development, a presentation will be made to the Space Coast Health Foundation Board for approval.
    6. Once the program is designed or a solution is chosen, agencies interested in implementing the program or solution may submit a Letter of Intent to do so. Agencies selected must provide:
      1. History and Background
      2. Mission and Goals
      3. Major Accomplishments
      4. Board of Directors
      5. Contributors List
      6. IRS 990 Form
      7. 501 (c)(3) Determination Letter
      8. Projected Income and Expense Budget
      9. Audited Financial Statement
      10. Staff and Leadership Bios
      11. A Written Statement of Qualifications
      12. List of Partnership(s)
    7. Implementation of the program through agency selection using the online grant application forms and foundation funding of the program or solution.
    8. The Space Coast Health Foundation board will receive quarterly updates on the program’s progress from the program team. Within the quarter following the end of the funding cycle, the Space Coast Health Foundation Board will receive a summary of the program results.
    9. The final step in the grant process will be to celebrate the results and communicate successes.